Welcome to The Flourishing Human

A thinking person's movement paradise.

About Us

This is a wonderful place to follow a movement practice for the inquisitive minded. 

About the teacher. Ed Woodall

“Ed Woodall is a shining lantern of creativity

Creativity and curiosity flow from him like light from a bulb.”

Tom Morris.

Why You Should Join Us

You will have free access to live and recorded Feldenkrais lessons, reduced rates on one-to-ones with Ed Woodall, early notice for workshops, access to guest teachers in all manner of disciplines, from yoga, to writing, to acting and much much more. 

You can access all the benefits of membership by clicking below on the 14 day free trial! 

About The Flourishing Human.

Video"I love the lessons! 

I appreciate being able to come to the classes because they make such a difference. 

What brought me was old injuries. I did a lot of yoga and it didn't work, but what keeps me is the PLEASURE. 

Whatever the lesson is, I learn with my whole self, from every thing I am asked to do." 


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